HELP is needed.


Simon Harris

Dearest Simon,

I know how busy you must be dealing with mandatory vaccinations, the damage caused by the HPV Vaccine, I think Regret has over 24k supporters, ouch a lot of people to keep happy. Not to mention the Mesh Disasters , added to a hospital shambles. I guess it won’t be long until you have a recruitment issue, more hospital staff required due to the increase of sick people when you roll out 5G.

Taken all the above into consideration  I am still disappointed that I have not heard from you.

So, my life with a cancer diagnosis continues with or without you.

I am happy, healthy, working, enjoying life and appreciating every day. If you did read my emails you should know I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my left breast, node positive, estrogen driven, in August 2016. After lots and lots of research I refused chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and drugs.

It took time to find anyone from an alternative background to work with me, to fight this deadly diagnosis and now you and some of the elected government have hopes to prosecute those same people who can give health advice from a different perspective.

For those of you who don’t know Kate O’ Connell and Simon Harris have taken it upon themselves to produce a bill that will decide what we can and cannot to with our body when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

So, in my eyes you intend to slowly kill me and anyone who chooses the alternative route. If I cannot access alternative therapies in this country for my cancer diagnosis is that refusing me the treatment I deserve?

Shame on you both.

My petition against the Bill slowed down around the time I read the following (your words taken from

I welcome the fact that some social media giants have responded to the call for action made by me, Deputy O’Connell and others. They have a responsibility to ensure they do not become a platform for misinformation and I welcome the fact that some of them have made progress in that regard.

Coincidence I thought, no one would stoop as low as trying to halt my petition. I believe Ireland is a parliamentary, representative democratic republic and a member state of the European Union.

Simon, did you and Ms O’Connell have anything to do with the stopping of my petition on Facebook?

I am happy to meet you to discuss further, just not this weekend please as I am off to the UK to attend a Holistic Cancer Festival where medicine and alternative are very welcome.

Looking forward to a reply.



Now for the all-important petition. Please sign and share if you want access to all advice be it conventional or alternative if faced with a diagnosis of cancer.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.



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