Inspirational Breathing

Inspirational Breathing came to me on my second visit to Trewsfield Festival in July this year. I was on my own journey to find my cure for a cancer diagnosis.

On the second morning of the festival I had 10 minutes to spare before a lecture and decided to try a little taster of inspirational breathing, that little taster has been a game changer for me. Later in the day I glimpsed the last 5 minutes of Nicola on stage, her energy pulsating out into the bio-sphere, teaching people how to breathe in a way they had forgotten. I understood immediately why it was called Inspirational breathing and decided there and then that this breath work would be a huge part of my healing and life going forward.

Somewhere in my life I had forgotten I was important and more importantly how-to breath correctly.

So off to Rottingdean I went in September to attend a 5-day training course, just for me I thought, just to help me get back to my breath.

The inspirational breathing course exceeded my expectations in a way I never thought possible. I came away from it doubting how I had ever lived my life without it. It was without a doubt the biggest life changing experience ever. From the moment you step into the funky bungalow you feel safe and loved and by the end of the 5 days you are definitely a more grounded, thoughtful, healthier person. I know from my shiatsu practice how we hold all emotions, traumas in the very core of our bodies. What I did not know was we have all our answers in the breath.

Those 5 days for me were precious and I will hold them in my memory. I felt nourished and loved and spent time with wonderful, wonderful people whom I hope will remain friends for life.

I will never forget the nourishing soups, the salads which touched every cell in my body, the baked banana, chocolate and cashew cream, the chicory and chocolates, the aubergine stew. I ran up the road every day trying to guess what food Nicola would produce that day, what a gourmet experience every meal.

Nicola has a gift, she knows exactly how to produce a 5 star quality course, exceptional teaching, food as good as any Michelin chef, amazing music and exactly to the second when you need support.

Nicola Price is priceless and I am so happy to have met her, she makes you whole again. So whole I have decided I have no option but to complete the graduate course. This breathwork is for sharing.

So, I left after 5 days nourished and a much nicer person thinking life can’t get any better.

On Tuesday 24th September I was told I was cancer free, Goa, here I come.

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