I threw the kitchen sink at it.

Kitchen Sink

By now you all must know I am not a writer, blogger, vlogger just a person with some very strong beliefs and a big stubborn head, which has definitely improved with age and my cancer diagnosis. In fact, my cancer diagnosis has improved my view on life for the better. I appreciate every day, all day.

However, I am faithful and true to my word and on those occasions where I am not, I suffer.

I promised I would supply a list of what I did to beat my cancer diagnosis. I have covered oxygen, Bio resonance, diet, rifing, meditation and breathing in previous blogs, all the big ones. However, I did a whole lot more.

As time is limited before I head off on my next adventure, below is a list of all the protocols or treatments I tried, at least what I can remember. Please google information until I get time in the new year to supply more detail.


Believe me I never foresaw the day I would blog my cancer journey, so if you are reading this you can thank Kate O’Connell’s bill for that.

So here goes, in no particular order;

  • I did a 40-day Kundalini challenge, if the cancer did not kill me there were days I thought Kundalini would.
  • I tried psychotherapy, very, very badly but well worth it.
  • I rebounded.
  • I improved my sleep patterns.
  • I did shaking meditation, which I loved.
  • I used essential oils.
  • I checked my house for geopathic stress.
  • I did a 30-day hydrogen peroxide protocol, that was hard core.
  • I did Bio Magnetism.
  • Daily coffee enemas, 5 plus are recommended but I only ever got to 2 daily.
  • Daily juicing, a huge jug with moringa added.
  • 10-day water fast to kick start my body at a cellular level.
  • Daily herbs and herbal teas.
  • Budwig breakfast every day, which I still do and love, it brings oxygen to the blood.

I am sure I did more which may come to me with time but for now I just want to fulfil the promise I made.

My cancer diagnosis rocked my world but never once did I doubt there was a cure within me. It was not the easiest thing in the world to do and boy was it lonely at times. I can also promise you that if I was to die in the morning, I would have no regrets at the choices I made.

No regrets

Please don’t allow our government to take away your freedom of choice if faced with a cancer diagnosis.

For those of you who want to know a little more about the Bill click here.


Until 2020 may I take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful and loving Christmas and a cancer free life. Remember we are all miracles and life is a gift, enjoy.

Miracle of life


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.

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