Rife for Life.


“What if someone invented an electronic device that would destroy pathogens, bacteria, and even viruses with no toxic side effects? What if that same device could wipe out cancer by altering the cancer’s cellular environment or by killing cancer viruses with an electronic or ultra-sonic beam? That was accomplished years ago. The researcher who invented and perfected this device had an odd name, Royal Raymond Rife. But his associates and colleagues knew him as Roy Rife.” (author unknown)

I found this blog difficult, it was hard to recall and explain how I got to here. I only hope I can do the Rife world justice.

The best way I can begin to explain is, think about a glass being shattered by a really high-pitched voice.

How many times in your youth did you try to shatter a glass with your voice and succeed? I tried and failed only because I never hit that right note. Listen to Anthony Holland talk about shattering cancer with resonant frequencies,and find out what you were doing wrong or more importantly how we could be tackling cancer differently. If you open only one link on this blog please let it be this one.

I guess if you are anything like me it’s a “you have got to try it before you believe it scenario” All I can say is if you get the chance, try it.

I came across Rife whilst researching Diet and Bioresonance.  Be warned Dr. Raymond Rife is highly controversial, stay open-minded to the end.

During hours and hours of research most sites I visited agreed that the alkaline diet is based on the theory that eating certain foods can change the body’s acid levels (pH levels). Some suggest that changing the body’s pH levels can improve your health and even prevent or cure cancer. Most agree that there’s no way the foods you eat can alter the pH level of your blood but they can alter the pH of your saliva or urine because these are waste products. My understanding is that you could never eat enough food to impact the pH levels of your blood but rifing can help to achieve this.

So, my research had taken me from food to bioresonance, energy medicine and now rifing.

Rifing and Dr. Raymond Rife go hand in hand. Rife was on his way to a Nobel Prize in Medicine.

What happened?

There are so many conspiracy theories. Is it a case of no smoke without fire?


I see myself as a kind of the middle of the road kind of person. I try something with a closed mind and if I get a result, I open my mind to the possibilities of the sales pitch or in my case frequency pitch actually working. I couldn’t ignore my research around Rife so I finally bought my own Rife machine in 2017.

I now attempt on a daily or weekly basis to shatter my tumor with plasma. It is a continuous experiment for me. My problem is that instead of focusing on my cancer diagnosis I cure toothaches, headaches, constipation etc, etc I experiment on myself and anyone else who likes experimenting.

I am now 2 years and 7 months into my alternative treatment journey and I still believe 100% this is the route for me. Taking control of my own health is enabling me to live my life with no fear of the word cancer.

Trust me I am not ready to die; my fear is I may be a bit blasa about my diagnosis. Then again, I have zero faith in chemotherapy and radiation and the more I research the less respect I have for the pharmaceutical industry so what choice do I have?

Let us now Rife again. An interesting video I came across showing it is possible to destroy microorganisms with plasma was Rife-Bare Plasma.

For  those of you interested in research an interesting article. If you have no time to read the full article please go straight to conclusions.

If you are lucky enough to be in London on May 25th 2019 Nenah Sylver Nenah Sylver, PhD will present at the only 2019 European seminar,“Rife Therapy and Natural Approaches to Illness”

I know I am going to try hard to be there.

There are so many rife machines on the market but after a lot of research and recommendation I bought a Spooky2Since my purchase another great plasma has hit the market, Genesys.

I really do not have the expertise to recommend a machine but if I was starting all over again I would probably like the Genesys.

There is a frequency out there to match everything so I must mention that rife machines can be used for Lyme’s Disease and Morgellons.

I love my rife machine, I have used it to scan my body, detox and treat acute or chronic illnesses. I really enjoy experimenting with a lot of the beautiful healing frequencies. I learn something new and useful every time I use it

In the beginning at heavy detox stage I got tired. I couldn’t say if it was Spooky2, oxygen or the radical change of diet but I do know when it happened, I just had to have an early night. Early nights do not come easy to me but I am learning how important sleep is during the healing process.

So, until the next blog I hope I have opened your mind to the exciting world of Rife.

A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.

Mahatma Gandhi

Now for the all-important petition. Please sign and share.

Phew, I found the above heavy going so it calls for a little light heartiness.



This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.





You are energy, and energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Energy just changes form.     

Rhonda Byrne

On Tuesday 30th August 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and on Saturday 24th September 2016 I was having my first Bioresonance therapy..

I came across bioresonance after I emailed my circle of friends, who I knew were open to alternative treatments. Of all the therapies suggested bioresonance was the one that appealed to me the most.

My friend suggested I contact a person called Damian Wilkowski at D&D physical therapy clinic and after a conversation with Damian I knew this was an appointment that had to be made.

It was made perfectly clear to me from day one that bioresonance cannot diagnose, treat or cure cancer but can search for weak, toxic, underactive or overactive systems and organs in the body to strengthen them.

I still can’t explain the science behind bioresonance but then I can’t explain the science behind MRI’s and CT scans. I can only tell you it resonates with me more than drinking Gadolinium and radiation.

I may be the least techy person on the planet and have no scientific background but I have a passionate belief and years of experience with energy healing and the body’s ability to heal itself, with help of course depending on the illness.

I would now 100% recommend bioresonance as the first port of call for any health problems and 1000% recommend D&D Clinic  It is now MY annual health check.

My visits to Damian at D&D clinic were professional, helpful and totally educational. D&D clinic helped me beyond the call of duty. The bioresonance machine used at D&D is the Sensitiv Imago

Interestingly, Cancer Tutor suggests that bioresonance can support malignant tumors.

For those of you who like evidence based studies I came across this when researching but for me this article was important. Perhaps, it was because on my journey I had contact with Ann Devlin who features in the article. Ann practices in the U.K.

For those of you with an hour to spare an interesting video to watch

Now, let’s get back to those first all-important results from my very first Bio Resonance on the 24th September 2016.

The Bio Resonance showed up lots of various issues but I am going to cover only the results that blew me away and opened my mind up to one of the many possible causes of my breast cancer diagnosis. Below is only a small section of the report I received that day.

I didn't see it coming

So, my past possible infections were:

STREPTOCOCCUS LACTIS (GASTRIC WALL#TISSUE) IN REMISSION. Streptococcus lactis has a clear link with breast cancer.

HELICOBACTER PYLORI (DUODENUM WALL# TISSUE). Helicobacter Pylori also has clear links to breast cancer.

HERPESVIRUS (HEAD LONGITUDINAL SECTION). Guess what Herpesvirus could cause breast cancer.

My present infections back in September 2016 were also associated with breast cancer.



Just looking back at the results of my first Bio Resonance blows my mind, every virus I ever had or still had is linked to cancer.


I decided to include hidden possible infections effecting the organ from a distance because they show acid, liver, kidney, large intestine all filtering organs that needed attention.






For me Bio Resonance is now my first choice when unwell, for example, I was in London the beginning of April 2017 visiting my children when I became really ill. I arrived Friday, took to bed on Saturday and could not get out of it until Monday. It was only one of two times since I started my alternative journey that I thought I was dying. I just couldn’t move, I had a high temperature and felt awful. It was either a massive detox or the end. Luckily it wasn’t the end, the Bio Resonance I had when I returned home showed I had E. coli, a remission of papillomavirus and a benign tumor.

Now I was armed with so much more information, the next step was easy, find a way to kill the virus, make sure my filtering organs worked and build up my immune system.

I researched until my eyes ached and time and time again, I came across Dr. Rife technology. More on that in my next blog as for anyone new to bioresonance the above is enough to take in.

Now for the all important petition. Please sign and share.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.





Are we what we eat? I now know, I am.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 


Can cancer be cured by diet alone?

There are lots of testimonials out there saying diet can cure cancer.

I personally would not like to depend on just a diet change to cure my cancer diagnosis. All I can say is changing my diet got my energy levels back to better than they ever were, my outlook on life changed and my thoughts on food will never be the same.

Changing my diet, radically in the first year helped my body to detox from years of overeating and abuse, boosted my immune system and got me on the road to recovery. It gave me the much-needed energy to enjoy life, work and research.

I now believe a change in diet is the number one thing to tackle when faced with a diagnosis of cancer. My food bibles now are The Art of Conscious Cooking, Healing with Whole Foods and Square One recipes.

Back in August 2016, I had days I was so tired I struggled to get out of bed.

As I previously mentioned the first few nights of research left me with two words oxygen and acid.

The oxygen was sorted now to tackle the acid.

What Google has to say is: Some studies have shown that acidic environments help cancer cells grow. So, the idea is that a diet high in alkaline foods (high pH) and low in acidic foods will raise the body’s pH levels (make the body more alkaline) and prevent or even cure cancer.Apr 2, 2018

The chart below was basically what I knew about acid/alkaline. Had I ever looked at the foods I ate? no. I bought the best I could afford and enjoyed it. I loved fatty, full-flavored food. I adored meat, in fact a meal was not a meal without meat. Yes, I ate lots of salads, some fruit and veg but loved potatoes, roast, boiled, mashed with lots and lots of butter, yum.

I thought my diet was great, 80% good, 20% naughty.  I loved food and wine, it was my God. I loved cooking and entertaining when it suited me. I wasn’t a fan of processed foods but enjoyed a good take away and loved eating out. I went through stages of sprouting and eating raw at various stages of my life but not on their own, as an accompaniment to the steak or lamb. I ate lots, too much and looking back was obsessed with food, it was my joy. I would eat lunch and an hour later I was planning dinner. I had never been on a diet in my life and never planned to. My 20% naughty was red wine and lots of chocolate. I converted to dark chocolate in my 50’s, not a couple of squares though. I could polish off a large bar of green and blacks in one sitting.

I rode a bike, danced and kept active so I thought I deserved a treat. What was I thinking?

I  never tested my Ph. Levels, I never gave them a thought.

When I did, I got a shock.


It was this article How Body pH Can Affect Your Energy Levels that got me testing my ph. levels. I tested them 3 or 4 times a day for months, until I was satisfied with the results. Nowadays I test them once or twice a week to ensure I am more alkaline than acidic.

My diet for the first year may seem a little harsh and impossible but honestly, I just missed my social life around food. As each day passed and my health and overall outlook improved it became easier and easier. The hardest thing for me was the criticism and comments about my weight loss, of which unfortunately, there were many.

So, are you ready?

Upon waking and on an empty stomach I had a glass of water with lemon and baking soda,  2 ginger root tablets and 2 Blockbuster tablets . Then wormwood and black-walnut taken with gentle iron . A cup of warm Graviola tea with a little honey added.

Breakfast was always organic fruit.

Lunch and dinner were always huge salads, all fruits, veg and nuts. Basically, I lived on fruit, veg and nuts for a whole year, either in a salad, a meal or a soup, if I was cold. I did not introduce juicing until the second year and then I followed a vegan diet and somewhere along the line the vegan changed to vegetarian.

Before my lunch I would have more wormwood and walnut with gentle iron, moringa and raw vegetables. With this meal I would also take Vitamin D3Vitamin K2, Vitamin C  and Magnesium.

Between meals I would drink dandelion tea and snack on nuts, fruit and raw vegetables, all organic.

Every day I included apricot-seeds, 10 a day split into 3 doses, I later read that these are more effective when taken with pineapple so I added this to my protocol.

Sometime during the day, I would make time for a 20-minute meditation which inevitably led to sleep. I was exhausted due to all the changes and my body was detoxing fast. Upon waking I had a glass of Flor Essence  which I later discovered was similar to essiac-tea.

I walked daily for a minimum of 20 minutes to keep my lymphatic system flowing.

With my evening meal I took 2 more blockbusters, moringa and raw vegetables and my daily dose of raw garlic ,5 to 6 cloves daily, sliced and left to sit for 15 minutes to release allicin.

Free evenings were spent researching with another cup of graviola tea with honey and a cup of apollo tea.

Before retiring I had my final drink of the night which was baking soda and honey remedy

All of the above were taken with some advice and researched by myself.

I stuck to the above for the first year and never touched sugar and I mean all sugar. I drank wine only when I started to eat out in year 2, to be honest it wasn’t until I was 60 in October 2018 that I drank again on a regular basis. I made the decision to celebrate hard and enjoy it. My celebrations started in September and ended in November, ouch…. but it was fun. Then of course Christmas came. So, In January of this year I upped my game and ate loads of greens and never drink on average more than a bottle of red wine a week.

If I were to feel unwell again the wine would go but for now, I am enjoying my guilty pleasure.


For those of you who believe cancer and diet are not related, I suggest you read the following book. The China Study

I never managed to read the whole book so if you are like me the 10 things you need to know are here.

If that is not convincing enough another great book linking cancer to food by our very own  Dr. John Kelly “Stop feeding your cancer” 

Look him up on FB.

It is a must read, if you don’t, the following is written word by word from the back cover of the book.

“The link between animal protein and cancer became global news with the publication of an international lab study a decade ago. The facts were startling: a diet rich in animal and dairy products was shown to stimulate cancer cell growth.

But conventional medical institutions apparently overlooked the obvious. Counteracting the disease by promoting an animal-protein-free diet could be a revolutionary step in cancer recovery.

Our visionary Dublin doctor choose to investigate the realities of the alternative approach to cancer treatment in a trial conducted with his own patients.

What he learned may change our view of cancer forever.”

Dr. Kelly has since retired, how I wish there were more Doctors like him.

So armed with the above information, a radical change of diet and oxygen covered, the decision was, what next?

The what next turned out to be Bio-Resonance.


Just make sure the farmer is 100% organic.

My favourite source of organic fruit and vegetables is Carraignamuc Cottage,delivered weekly to my door. I believe Phil has a weekly market at Pender’s Yard, Stonybatter, Niomh Olaf and Aughrim Town and expanding.

The quality of food and service is exceptional, at affordable prices.

plus-signA must add is, somewhere along the line of research I read that there was no way the foods you eat can alter the pH level of your blood. The body’s pH is a very tightly regulated system. If you change your diet, you may see changes in the pH of your saliva or urine because these are waste products, but there’s no way you could ever eat enough that it really impacts your blood.

So is that true, maybe, but I also read rifing and oxygen can impact the ph. of ones blood.  Rifing was and is still part of my protocol and I will cover the subject in a later Blog.

You know what is coming next? If you have any interest in alternative health for cancer, please, please sign and share my petition.

  1. 1.Will I live, or will I die.
  2. My conventional journey begins.
  3. My conventional journey continues.
  4. Sharing the news.
  5. Conventional gets the thumbs down.
  6. And so, it begins.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.

And so, it begins.

“Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water.

Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes.
Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting.

You made it, after all. You made it, another day.

And you can make it one more. 
You’re doing just fine.” 
― Charlotte Eriksson

Healing choices are for each and every individual to decide on.

Before I begin recalling my alternative journey, I must stress I do not have a cure for cancer. What I do have is a determination, belief and will to find MY cure.


Ironically after so much research, I came across a wonderful website last week, that basically has all the information that took me 30 months to find. It is a fantastic read. I am not encouraging any of you to take my chosen route but for those of you who are researching and contemplating it, this website is brilliant,

If you are at the beginning of your journey ask someone you know who has an interest in your health and the time to help with your research, be it the conventional or alternative route, or both.

I know when I started my journey it was difficult to take it all in and still is to this day

It is important for me to tell you that never once and I mean never once did any of the alternative therapists or people I met ever say they had a cure for cancer. The truth is that some of them treated me for nothing, yes, I said, nothing, no money.

You will find no anger from me going forward, hopefully. Maybe the odd rant about the Bill planned to prosecute any alternative therapists who claim they have a cure for cancer. I don’t think I can put that Bill to the back of my mind just yet, so please sign and share and share again. (You will find a link at the bottom of each blog page.)

I have tried and will continue to experiment with many different protocols. They all offered me something, some more than others. I am very open to experimentation. especially if it makes me feel good.

Some of the treatments were/are pleasurable, some, were/are challenging but not many. Lots are time-consuming and very few, awful.

My cancer was diagnosed in August 2016 and my alternative journey started on 19th September of the same year.

It will continue until my tumor has left my body. Which reminds me of one of the first books I read.

Book Carni Hazen

From my initial research which is mostly from memory, I used Google, YouTube, and books. As previously covered one of the biggest things that hit me first was, cancer cannot live where there is oxygen.

So, to me it was obvious, get oxygen quick, whilst I did more research.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy involves breathing oxygen in a pressurised chamber in which atmospheric pressure is raised up to three times higher than normal, so to me that means my lungs get 3 times more oxygen.

Do whatever you can to stop the cancer spreading, so on Monday 19th September 2016 I entered an oxygen chamber for the first time to attend  2 treatments a day for the next 5 days and then 1 treatment weekly.

I received oxygen for at least 18 months, maybe more.

I would recommend it highly and if you don’t trust me, trust the Doctors.

Cancer cannot thrive where there is oxygen,

Oxygen Deficiency and Disease
Dr. Otto Warburg Two-time Nobel Laureate
Winner of two Nobel Prizes for Cancer Research in the mid-1930’s.
“Cancer has only one prime cause. It is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of the cells of the body by an anaerobic (i.e., oxygen-deficient) cell respiration”.

 Dr. F.M. Eugene Blasse Ph.D., author “Oxygen Therapy: It’s Foundation Aim  & Results”
“Oxidation Is the source of life. Its lack causes impaired health or disease, its cessation, death,”

Dr. Stephen Levin, Renowned Molecular Biologist, and Geneticist Author, Oxygen Deficiency: A Concomitant to All Degenerative Illness” “In all serious disease states we find a concomitant low oxygen state. Low oxygen in the body tissues is a sure indicator for disease… Hypoxia, or lack of oxygen in the tissues, is the fundamental cause for all degenerative disease.“Oxygen Is the source of life to all cells.”

Dr. John Muntz, Nutritional Scientist “Starved of oxygen the body will become ill, and if this persists, it will die. I doubt if there is an argument about that.

Dr. W. Spencer Way, from the Journal of the American Association of Physicians
“Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life-threatening disease. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established”.

Dr. Harry Goldblatt, Journal of Experimental Medicine

“Lack of oxygen clearly plays a major role in causing cells to become cancerous.”

  Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., author “The Textbook on Medical Physiology”
“All chronic pain, suffering and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level.”

 Dr. Wendell Hendricks, Hendricks Research Foundation
“Cancer is a Condition within the body where the oxidation has become so depleted that the body cells have degenerated beyond physiological control. Similarly, the true cause of allergy is lowered oxidation process within the body, causing the affected individual to be sensitive to foreign substances entering the body. Only when the oxidation mechanism is restored to its original highest state of efficiency can the sensitivity be eliminated.”

Dr. Albert Wahl
“Simply put, disease Is due to a deficiency in the oxidation process of the body, leading to an accumulation of toxins. These toxins would ordinarily be burned in normal metabolic functioning.”

Dr. Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D. author, “Antioxidant Adaptation
“Oxygen plays a pivotal role in the proper functioning of the Immune system.”


My experience with oxygen was a success. How I came to that conclusion was simple. 3 months before I got my diagnosis, I was extremely breathless. Now I am back to doing whatever I please with breath to spare.

I met so many lovely people in the chamber with wonderful success stories.

I really enjoyed my time in the chamber, on with the headphones and zone out.The only downside I found with oxygen was I was tired for the first few months and very, very hungry. A small price to pay for great benefits.

Some weeks I actually miss it and I know if I had a chamber closer, spare time and extra cash, I would make it my weekly treat.

Now I rely on my very own Blood Oxygen Saturation & Heart Rate Monitor to check my oxygen levels, a beautiful gift from a wonderful person.

There are many articles written about HBOT, some glowing, some not so glowing.

I know it helped me greatly and I met a lot of people in the chamber who hold the same view as me.

It is also worth noting that HBOT can assist whilst undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. I believe this should be an add-on to conventional medicine to help with the healing process,

I am including a few interesting articles about Hyperbaric Oxygen as I am shocked that I never knew about this wonderful treatment up until September 2016.…/breath-of-fresh-air-for-the-ill-1.1038572…/hyperbaric-oxygen-therapy-what-is-it-1.1038575…herapy/about/pac-20394380

Below are links to the chambers I am aware of in Ireland and Northern Ireland. I believe but I am not 100% sure that in certain circumstances you can be referred by your Doctor/Specialist.








My lesson learnt is I am a very shallow breather and it took a diagnosis of cancer to instil in me the importance of breathing.

Learn how to breath deeply now.


“and I wonder if Beethoven held his breath
the first time his fingers touched the keys
the same way a soldier holds his breath
the first time his finger clicks the trigger.
We all have different reasons for forgetting to breathe.” 
― Andrea Gibson


Now the all-important petition that as long as I can breathe, I will share.

  1. Will I live, or will I die.
  2. My conventional journey begins.
  3. My conventional journey continues.
  4. Sharing the news.
  5. Conventional gets the thumbs down


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.

Conventional gets the thumbs down.

Canva - Closeup Photography of Thumb Tack

The results are in or so I thought so on Monday 19th September I met with the oncologist, who went through my treatment protocol.

When I asked about the results of my MRI and CT scan, she discovered they were not available to her yet. I questioned how my treatment was decided before all results were in and I was told it was irrelevant.

Irrelevant to whom, wow…alarm bells.


A team of individuals had decided a treatment plan without even knowing the full extent of my disease. I may be irrelevant to them but I am not irrelevant to me.

Even knowing this I decided I would still be open-minded and agreed to attend an appointment with a chemotherapy nurse who would explain procedures

My chemotherapy lesson consisted of a one hour talk with a nurse telling me I would receive the drugs Adriamycin and Cyclophosphamide every 2 weeks for 4 treatments. Seemingly the nausea is so bad I would have to inject another drug the following day to alleviate the sickness.

I would also have to have a heart echo to ensure my heart was healthy enough for the drugs. After researching the side effects of these drugs, I understood better.

Some side effects of Adriamycin and cardiac problems.

Some side effects of Cyclophosphamide.

Then for the next 8 weeks I would receive Taxol again with horrific side effects.

Here also is list of late and long-term effects of treatment.

Possible long-term side effects of chemotherapy.

I was concerned with the amount of toxicity planned for my body so I asked what I thought was a reasonable question “what are you planning on giving me to build up my immune system” the answer “nothing”

Canva - Omg, Oh My God, Texting, Social Media, Acronym

I tried to discuss diet but got little response.

You are what you eat

I left knowing 100% sure that all of the above drugs where never going to see the inside of my body.

I decided my body was a temple with a slight problem, not to be messed with.


I received an appointment for October 5th for an Echocardiogram which I kindly cancelled. It was my birthday.

I then received another appointment for October 21st again for an Echocardiogram which I again cancelled. My intuition was telling me to keep searching for as much information as I could.

I was sent an appointment for 27th October with Oncology, which I asked to defer, I was given an appointment for November 10th.

I attended this appointment with my daughter, who was definitely subjected to emotional blackmail, which I really didn’t appreciate. The only example I can think of now is “if it was my mother, I know what I would be telling her to do”. Who wants to hear that at such a difficult time? My poor daughter.

I made it very clear at this appointment that I would not be rushed into chemotherapy. I requested another Ultrasound as I had changed my diet, started oxygen therapy and rifing (more on that later).

I specifically told the oncologist that I would be having no more mammograms, so I was shocked that when I went to the hospital on Monday 28th November 2016 I was booked in for a mammogram and ultrasound.

I refused the mammogram and because of that my ultrasound was done with a lot less love. As I was having the ultrasound, I got a scolding for refusing the mammogram. I was actually told “your tumor is too big to fit on the scan”, in such a way as if now there you go, you refused a mammogram so I am going to scare you. I actually understood why I was treated like that but don’t have to appreciate it.

The staff at the hospital were really lovely until you disagreed with them and I really can’t paint that statement any other way. That was my experience.

On the 6th January 2017 I was called to the breast clinic and my sister Marian insisted on coming with me. I was met by a group of people the surgeon, a nurse and one other.

I was told I could have my mastectomy. I declined, although my tumor was not shrinking, I felt great. I wanted time to continue on my journey with the thousands of others who have done so before me.

I asked for a 6 monthly ultrasound to monitor my progress. I was offered one last ultrasound but then the hospital would need an outcome. I asked what that meant.

I was told I would then have to start chemotherapy or have surgery.

Wow.  I do not call that caring. So, there I had it, a last ultrasound was offered. After that any future requests for an ultrasound would be refused if I didn’t do as I was told.

On Monday 20th February 2017 at 10.15 am I had that last ultrasound and my final visit to the hospital.  With the exception of receiving my results I have had no communication from the hospital since.

My greatest memory from my hospital visits was not the kindness the majority of the staff showed me but unfortunately the 3 or 4 times I was told I would die if I did not  follow the conventional route.

When I requested all reports, my final ultrasound stated signed off.

Canva - Sand, Text, Beach, Holiday, End to so many hospital visits.

OH, My final results were Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with features suggestive of grade 2 HER + ER- Node Positive.

Cancer Diagnosis Results

Fish Results Cancer Diagnosis

I would like to add the following, I am hoping it will  help you to understand me better and continue to read my blog and sign my petition.

The only person I allow to critique this blog is my daughter and on first draft her comments were as follows.

You come across a bit angry and I think you can expand more on your points. –Remember your audience may or may not know anything or everything about this subject

 Be informative and a bit gentler.

 Also, you refer to death a lot and dying. Remember some people coming to this page may have just had their diagnosis and I think you can refer to it more gently. (of course, if you think I am wrong on this point ignore it. It is probably a bit hard for me too)

Dying is a fact of course, but don’t hammer it home, not sure everyone is completely comfortable with it and the aim of your blog is to get as many people interested in your alternative thoughts. You need to be enticing not frightening.

 Respect the readers. They are the reason you are writing this so write as if you are their friend. 

(Sorry for sharing Pippa, your comments are so helpful and correct and just what I would expect from the sweet, thoughtful young lady you are. I need to share them and explain myself)

You come across a bit angry and I think you can expand more on your points. –Remember your audience may or may not know anything or everything about this subject

I am angry. I am angry for the little things like my treatment was decided prior to all my results being available. I am angry that I was almost bullied into conventional treatment and threatened with death if I didn’t follow procedures. But most of all I am angry with a TD who is trying to take away my support, my life line, a TD with power to do so. So, I apologise to you, my readers and friends for coming across angry.

As for me knowing about this subject, let’s just say I am continuously learning.

Be informative and a bit gentler.

Going forward I will try to be a bit gentler. A blogger and writer I am not and the impetus I have for doing this is to share what I have learnt and to ensure a Bill I disagree with never gets passed.

Also, you refer to death a lot and dying. Remember some people coming to this page may have just had their diagnosis and I think you can refer to it more gently. (of course, if you think I am wrong on this point ignore it. It is probably a bit hard for me too)

Dying is a fact of course, but don’t hammer it home, not sure everyone is completely comfortable with it and the aim of your blog is to get as many people interested in your alternative thoughts. You need to be enticing not frightening.

I have thought about the above a lot and even the title I choose for this blog was “Will I live or will I die”.

I apologise to anyone it offends but trust me it needs to stay as is because death is inevitable.

The question you need to ask yourself here is, does cancer have to mean death?

Look at all the advertising around death and cancer and then visit the alternative sites. Whatever route you decide forget about dying, learn about detoxing, building up your immune system and healing your sick body.

Stay positive, be happy, do not be afraid. Fear and stress are killers.

I must also correct something very important here, the aim of this blog is not to get you interested in my alternative thoughts. The aim of this blog is to ensure the bill previously mentioned never gets passed so you always have the choice to have your own alternative thoughts.

Self-healing cannot be regulated and what cures one does not cure another.

Always ask for a second opinion and give yourself time to decide your path.

Find the cure that suits you, stay positive and enjoy life, it is a journey.

So, on a positive and less angry note I have a very caring young medical doctor I go to for blood tests. He will do all tests available to him and talks to me with such joy and compassion and long may he stay that way. Thank you.

Oh, forgot to answer the last comment.

Respect the readers. They are the reason you are writing this so write as if you are their friend. 

Now you are all my friends I want to ensure you that I respect each and every one of you, even those of you who disagree with me and I promise I will never prosecute you for your choices.

So as my friends I ask you to please sign and share the petition, only if you agree. We all need to choose what is right for us.

Please sign and share, share, share.

  1. Will I live, or will I die.
  2. My conventional journey begins.
  3. My conventional journey continues.
  4. Sharing the news.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.


Sharing the News

Thank you

I decided to include this section to give you an idea of how hard it is to share a diagnosis with family.  It is so painful to watch your loved ones receive your bad news. Please, if you ever find yourself in this situation ask for support.

It was without a shadow of a doubt the hardest part of my journey to date.

From the start I had no intention of telling anyone about my diagnosis until I had the full results, completed my research and decided on the road I would take.

I was persuaded rightly or wrongly by the staff at the hospital that my children must be told.

On reflection, I may have waited. Looking back, I caused a lot of unnecessary pain.

I returned to London on Saturday the 3rd of September 2016 with my sister Barbara to tell my children and son-in-law my news. It was emotional, very emotional.

It almost felt as if I was telling them I was dying and had come to say goodbye.

We were all devastated.

Recalling the memory over 30 months on still makes me emotional, I was riddled with guilt. Just to look at my children and grandchild that weekend made me feel sad, guilty and for the first time in my life out of control of my situation.

The reason I want to mention this part of my journey is to acknowledge my sister, Barbara. I have a great need to say a huge thank you to her publicly. She was and always has been there for me when I need her.

She made an awful journey bearable and if I ever needed support, this was the time. She was there for me 100%. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Barbara. I will never, ever forget what you did that weekend. You may never know how truly grateful I was and will always be.

I also have to thank my children and son-in-law for that weekend, you made a very difficult time easier. Limoz, my favorite son-in-law even gave me a trendy short hair cut in preparation for my treatment.

I think it is fair to say this demonstrates that I was still open to conventional treatment at that time.

On a much lighter note if only everyone reacted like my sister Marian when I gave her the news. Her reaction still makes me laugh out loud. There she was in her utility room, muddling through dirty washing when I arrived and said: “sit down Marian I have something to tell you”. “No”, she said, “just tell me”.

“Okay,” I said, “I have been diagnosed with cancer”. There I was waiting for the tears and she says” oh thank God it was you. Someone had to get it and out of all of us, you will be grand. I would fall to pieces”.

For her faith in me, I will always be grateful. Everyone needs a Marian to keep it real.

Canva - Nerdy, Geeky, Geek, Nerd, Balloon, Smiley, Silly

So, Marian and Barbara were commissioned to tell my siblings only. They were under strict instructions to tell no one else. I personally didn’t care who knew but it was important to me to keep this news away from my elderly parents. They really did not need to know, until I knew what could happen.

No news is good news.

Over 2 years on and my parents now know. It became apparent that if I didn’t tell them, someone else would. I told them the diagnosis, my decision and what I had been doing and as far as they are concerned, I have cured myself and that is the way we leave it. To be honest after the first initial shock and a month of watching me like a hawk we never talk about it.

As a person who has a cancer diagnosis, I can say my experience of telling people my diagnosis has made me realise how fearful everyone is around the word cancer.

Fear does not help, what helps is to remain positive, do some research and make your own decisions with medical advice and a lot of research. If the news of a diagnosis of cancer is too much to bear get yourself a cancer buddy and ask them to research for you.

I would also like to thank all those great people out there who do not make me feel diseased when they hear my news. Thank you, especially all of you who joke with me. Laughter is medicine at its best. This journey is not easy and for anyone contemplating it, believe me it is lonely.

A special thanks must go to my children, my partner and my son-in -law. My children for being the best and my partner for putting up with me.

To Pippa, who is a pure lady, my greatest critique and advisor, who conceals her emotions and fears like a professional.

To Finnbar, who jokes with me totally inappropriately but is secretly concerned.

To Limoz, who is terrified of death and cannot speak about it. Your practical offers of help and support do not go unnoticed.

To John, who shows no emotion but supports me with all my decisions and who never gives up believing in me. Your support has been amazing and although I am not the most sentimental person in the world, I know, you know you are always appreciated.

I love you all.


Now since I have given you all an insight into a piece of my heart can you please sign and share, share and share again. My posts on FB only get a 3-hour window of opportunity every time I post them. Trust me this petition is not for me it is for the children and grandchildren of the world.

  1. Will I live, or will I die.
  2. My conventional journey begins.
  3. My conventional journey continues.



This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.

My Conventional Journey continues.


On Thursday 15th September 2016 I attended the hospital for an MRI and CT Scan. I think this was the day I subconsciously knew the conventional route of treating Breast Cancer was not for me. I had time to think about my experience so far and the options open to me and not one of them appealed to me.

I remember that day so well. I sat in a full waiting room watching very fearful faces and thought what on earth am I doing. Why am I buying into this?

I sat thinking about my life, which anyone who has had a cancer diagnosis would know exactly what I mean.

I sat reflecting and realised that for the past 30 years plus I have studied and had a great interest in alternative medicine.

I am a fully qualified Shiatsu practitioner with certificates in Reiki and Reflexology. I have attended homeopathy, kinesiology, counseling and co-counseling courses, too many to recall and there I was sitting contemplating a conventional route that I found barbaric.

That day I drank a ridiculous amount of Gadolinium, which at the time I didn’t even know what it was.

My body was aching to leave, stop this protocol and get out of there to research alternatives. Nothing in my life had prepared me for what conventional treatment entailed and without time to register what was truly happening to me I was fixated on doing what I was told, which was poisoning my already sick body.


I felt like a train running out of track.

As my blog progresses and I become a better writer I will share with you a lot of my research in more detail, for now, I want to share my journey and hope that it can offer help and encouragement to those undertaking similar journeys.

There is also ulterior motive to my blogging as I explained in a previous post. I want to give an insight into my personal journey and a better understanding on how prosecuting alternative therapists who claim their therapies can help cancer, will hurt so many individuals that chose to follow their own path of healing.

How can you regulate Self-Healing? or how does our Government plan to regulate Self-Healing?

Ok, back to my first real night of research.

Gadolinium was the first thing on my mind, perhaps because I had so much flowing around inside of me.

Gadolinium is an MRI contrast agent used to improve the visibility of the internal body and that night I read some horrific articles about the use of Gadolinium

Below please find a couple of links about Gadolinium.

My next point of research. Biopsy. My tumor had doubled in size within 2 days of having the biopsy and I knew this couldn’t just be a coincidence

Before the night was out my fears were confirmed. Research and countless other individuals’ stories concreted my regret. I, 100% wholeheartedly regret my biopsy. If there is anything, I want to pass onto others starting their research and journey. Please, please research the effects of biopsy before you are in the hospital and not given one second of time to think.

Also, for anyone interested in my brief discussions on Mammograms, I include some links that are useful. It is a long video but there are definitely some interesting facts in there. Stick with it.

My mind was full and I was overloaded with information, mostly conflicting, but two subjects came up again and again. Cancer cannot grow where there is oxygen and where there is cancer there is a highly acidic body.

Oxygen and Acid.

So, after my nights research and very little sleep, I had a plan, get oxygen and check my Ph levels.

On Monday 19th September I started oxygen treatment. I was finally onto something and it felt right. (If you are interested in more information google Hyperbaric Oxygen and find your closest chamber).

I located PH stripes on Amazon and as the delivery time was going to be over a week, I phoned my Doctor’s to ask for a couple of stripes. I was told no, seemingly I would need to attend the Doctors so she could do the test. Although it wasn’t said I was  made to feel that I wasn’t intelligent enough to wee and spit on a strip on my own.

A week later the strips arrived and sure enough, my urine and saliva were below normal levels so a radical change in diet was necessary to change the terrain of my body back to what it should be. My aim; to be healthy and kill off those annoying cancer cells. So unknown to me at the time my alternative journey began and within a couple of weeks of my new radical diet and receiving oxygen daily I already felt so much better.

Now I am going to leave you with my thoughts on what I would do now if I could go back in time.

When I got my first bout of mastitis, I would have used a poultice, cabbage leave, castor oil or baking soda, not antibiotics.

I would have used Thermography over Mammogram.

I would have eaten less red meat, sugary foods and drank less alcohol.

I would have eaten my greens with gusto.

I would have exercised more but mostly I would have taken up yoga, especially Kundalini Yoga or one of the modalities that focus on breath. It has taken me years to realise I don’t breathe correctly or deeply.

Lastly, I would not stress over things I have no control over.

Oh, and most important I would have received a monthly treatment like Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Reflexology, mix it up.

In short, I would have remembered how important I am.

Everyone needs refuelling.

Tibetan proverb


You know what is coming next? If you have any interest in alternative health for cancer, please, please sign and share my petition. Please don’t stop sharing. I need those signatures.

2. My conventional journey begins.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.


My Conventional Journey begins.

Breast Biopsy

My journey started in the summer of 2016, I was tired, so tired and I knew something was not right.

I had mastitis in my left breast 30 plus years ago and from that point my left breast always felt different to my right breast, it felt blocked and heavy.

I wonder how many breasts jokes I will have to listen to when my friends read this.

At my annual check-up, if and when I remembered, I would mention how my breast felt to my Doctor. This would inevitably lead to a breast check and an appointment for a mammogram.  At a guess I had a mammogram every 3 to 4 years.

My diagnosis ranged from an ingrown hair to the onset of MS, thankfully I totally ignored the MS diagnosis.

I also had and still have a lymph node under my left arm that would inflate and deflate like a cheap rubber ring. If only I had known what I know now I would never have had one mammogram, let alone all the mammograms I agreed to.

I would have paid for Thermography

Visit Thermograpy Ireland for more details.

July 2016 brought pain and discomfort to my left breast that woke me during the night. I knew I needed to investigate further so on Wednesday 20th July at 9 am I visited my Doctor. I requested full blood tests and voiced my concerns. At 4 pm the same day I was asked to come back for an ECG. From here on in I was very impressed at the speed of events.

On Tuesday 2nd August I was sent to the HSE, Arklow for an ultrasound of my lower region and an X-ray of my lungs.

Then on Friday 19th August I had my first visit to SVH (St. Vincent’s Hospital) for a mammogram and ultrasound, as soon as they told me I needed a biopsy I knew my diagnosis. I have lost count of the number of mammograms and ultrasounds my left breast had but never a biopsy.

Up until that time my only 2 regrets in life were (1) I can’t sing and (2) I didn’t have more children, now I have 3. I agreed to a biopsy.

c Continue reading “My Conventional Journey begins.”

Why I decided to blog instead of dancing.

Will I live or will I die?

Well I am definitely living and one day I will die. Never, ever in my 60 years did I see myself blogging.

I have been asked several times to put in writing some details about my cancer diagnosis journey and I would reply I must, one day. Well the push came on the 17th December 2018 listening to The Pat Kenny Show, boy did I get angry. A pharmacist TD talking about her Bill, currently at stage 2, going through the process in The Dáil. A bill that would have the power to prosecute any alternative therapist who claimed to have a cure for cancer.

So why do we not have a bill to prosecute any medical therapist who treats a cancer patient and fails? Presently conventional medicine has a 2 to 3%  success rate, if anyone has any information to convince me otherwise please share.

A friend of mine sent me this link that disagrees with the above

I mean a life is a life and whatever it takes to get that person well is the key, not a war of conventional against alternative medicine and by the way why is it called alternative?

It is the original medicine used before big Pharma came on the scene.

My worry now is not a cancer diagnosis but how exactly will Big Pharma regulate self-healing, can one regulate self healing?

Anyway, let me get on with trying to abbreviate my journey so I can get up to the present day and get back to dancing and enjoying life.

My name is Tricia, a 60-year-old mother to two of the best, the wonderful Philippa and Finnbar and a grandmother to the beautiful and awesome Aurelia and Oren. A mother in law to Limoz (my favorite son-in-law) and presently a partner to a great, kind and patient man John. They have all supported me throughout my journey with grace and ease and I adore, love and respect them.

I am the daughter of Christina and Pat a sister to Marian, Pat, Barbara, Finnbar and Nicola and an aunt to many. A good family who eventually got their heads around supporting my choices. I know it was hard for them but for trying I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

My obituary, you are thinking, far from it, I assure you.

I am currently a Shiatsu Practitioner,

I run my practice in the Wicklow region and will be opening a practice soon in Wexford. Working with energy and very much alive.

I have had an interest in alternative health for almost 40 years, perhaps because of that interest I believe healing choices are for each and every individual to decide on.

I resisted until now sharing my journey with the public out of fear. I do not have one intention in my body of hurting anyone who has been touched by cancer. I apologise in advance to anyone this blog may offend. I have been asked by many to put something in writing and this is my attempt to do so.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer back in August 2016 and have not shared my journey for fear, fear of offending anyone. Then I listened to a pharmacist TD on News Talk, The Pat Kenny show on 17th December about a bill that would potentially take away my chosen path and I realised sharing my journey was much more important than fear.

I am writing this blog, not as an act of defiance against the medical profession nor a stab at anyone who does not have my belief system. I am writing it in the hope that people will become more aware of alternative treatments to this deadly disease that for years has instilled fear in so many people and taken so many lives. My love goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones to cancer and in some cases have lost them to the treatment.

During my journey, the staff at Saint Vincent Hospital, Dublin (SVH) did the best they could for me with the knowledge they have.

I believe that chemotherapy, radiation and even in some cases surgery are totally unnecessary, I believe, does not mean I am right.

My belief is your body allowed cancer to invade so, therefore, your body has the power to heal cancer. I also believe what works for one does not necessarily work for others. We need to find our own cure with the help and support of whoever we choose be it conventional or alternative.

My wish is that more diagnosed cancer patients take their time to choose the treatment that suits their body and mind and that more Doctors accept there are proven treatments out there that work without or mixed with conventional treatments.

I also wish that when a person decides to go down the non-conventional route as I did that their loved ones support their decision even if it ends in death.

I can honestly say it was the biggest wake up call in my life and no matter how and when I die I will never, ever regret making the decisions I have.

I have so many people to thank, who helped me on my journey but I am guessing they would prefer not to be mentioned. You all know who you are, so thank you, thank you. I owe my life to each and every one of you.

By now you may have guessed I am not a blogger and have no idea how it works so going forward I will summarise my journey until I get to the present day.

I hope reading this helps each and every one of you.

Now this is the point I ask you for something.

If you have any interest in alternative health for cancer, please, please sign and share my petition.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.


Living According to the Winter Season with Chinese Medicine

By Emma Suttie, D.Ac, AP

The ancient Chinese created a system of medicine thousands of years ago that is still used to this day. It has evolved over time and is still used effectively to treat modern diseases. Chinese medicine is only a part of a greater concept the ancient Chinese used to live their everyday lives. It is a branch that springs from a larger tree that encompasses all aspects of life. This is why the doctor of Chinese medicine does not only deal with the body or physical aspects of one’s health, they are teachers educating patients on how to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, because this is how we attain health, and the Chinese knew it. It is deeply entrenched in their medicine.

Chinese medicine teaches to live in harmony with the seasons, and according to Chinese medicine theory, there are five seasons – winter, spring, summer, late summer, and fall. Each season has many associations which help us to change our habits as the seasons change so that we may create more balance between our bodies and the external environment.

When Chinese medicine was being developed thousands of years ago, people were living in a state of complete harmony with nature. They rose with the sun, ate what grew in each season and were acutely aware of their natural environment as it had a direct effect on every aspect of their lives. The lives of the people had a flow that changed depending on the time of year. Things like what foods were eaten were dependent on what happened to be growing at that particular time and what was available. When to get up, how to dress and what kinds of activities were engaged in were dependent on the important connection that people had to their environment. Because these simple steps were taken people were able to stay healthy throughout the year and had the tools to keep their immune systems and their organs strong so that they could ward off disease.

This fancy chart was made by Chinese Medicine Living

Winter in Chinese Medicine

Winter represents the most Yin aspect in Chinese medicine. Yin is the dark, cold, slow, inward energy. This is compared to the Yang of summer whose energy represents light, hot, quick, expansive qualities. The summer weather is warm, the days are longer and people are out being active. In TCM we believe that the diet and activities in winter should be adapted to enriching yin and subduing yang.

Winter, in TCM, is associated with the Kidneys which hold our body’s most basic and fundamental energy. It is believed that by harmonizing oneself with the seasons you can stay healthier and prevent disease, so winter is a good time to strengthen the kidneys. Rest is important for revitalizing the kidneys, which is why some animals hibernate in winter. It is also a good time to look inward, reflecting on ourselves with meditation, writing, or other inward practices such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong. These practices help us to connect to our inner selves and help to support kidney energy. They are very helpful to relax the mind, calm our emotions and raise the spirit.

The sense organ associated with the kidneys is the ears, and our ability to hear clearly is related to kidney health. The quiet and stillness of winter allows us to hear more of the world than the buzzing activities of summer. This forces us to slow down, rest and relax.

The body part associated with the kidneys are the bones, so it is important to pay close attention to the bones in the winter months making sure to tonify and heal any problems in this area. This is also why winter is a time when Chinese medicine prescribes bone broths as nutritional therapy, as they are warming, nourishing and especially good for the bones. Bone broths are also powerful Jing tonics, as Jing is produced by the bones. Jing is depleted by activities such as extreme and prolonged stress, lack of sufficient sleep, working long hours, and excessive behaviours like too much drinking and drugs. Winter is the best time to supplement the body’s Jing supply and bone broths are just what the doctor ordered.

Activities in Winter

Activities should represent the season with a turn inwards, with more self-reflection, quiet time writing, meditating, reading and other soul-nourishing activities. Winter is a time to slow down and feed ourselves both physically and spiritually. Internal martial arts and meditative practices are particularly helpful at this time of year. One should go to bed earlier and sleep later to receive the full healing effects that sleep has to offer.

Many people love winter. They feel energized with the coming cold and love to be out snowboarding, skiing and going for walks in the snow. For others, winter causes them to retract, stay inside and can cause some to feel sad or even depressed because of the lack of light and reduced physical activity. The good news is that winter can be enjoyed by everyone if we live, eat and exercise according to the season and pay attention to our bodies preferences.

Winter Foods

Winter Foods in Chinese Medicine : Chinese Medicine Living

There are many foods that are beneficial for us to eat during the winter season. These foods are the ones that naturally grow in this season – squashes, potatoes, root vegetables, winter greens, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, apples, and pears. In winter, our bodies need warming foods like soups made with hearty vegetables, and rich stocks cooked with animal bones are best. Foods that specifically nourish and warm the kidneys are; black beans, kidney beans, broths cooked with bones, lamb, chicken, walnuts, chestnuts, black sesame seeds and dark leafy greens. A small amount of unrefined sea salt is also helpful as the taste associated with the kidneys organ is salty, but remember, moderation in all things is important.

Cooking should be for longer periods using low heat and less water. This infuses foods with heat that helps to keep the body warm in the cold winter months. Hearty soups, whole grains, and roasted nuts are good on cold days and offer nourishment to feed the body and tonify the kidneys in cold winter months.

The principle of harmony between what we eat and the season is based on hundreds of years of practical experience. Chinese nutritional therapy is an important component of Chinese medicine and truly believes that you are what you eat. The food that we consume has a profound effect on the body, affecting our health and wellbeing. Foods become part of the body after being consumed (internal) and the weather and environment have an effect on us externally. Chinese dietary philosophy suggests that you embrace native foods along with eating locally grown, organic and chemical free foods that grow in season. According to TCM the thing about the modern diet which is the most unhealthy is that we are able to eat foods all year round that may be grown unnaturally with the use of pesticides rather than ones grown naturally for only part of the year. This is the way nature intended us to eat. Eating natural foods that grow in the present season is what our bodies are designed for and prefer. This is one of the main ways that Chinese Medicine guides us on how to remain healthy all year long.

Winter Foods in Chinese Medicine : Chinese Medicine Living

This lovely image from TCM007

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Winter in Chinese Medicine : Chinese Medicine Living

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