Mistletoe Therapy

I am back blogging and it doesn’t come naturally. I blame that god damn bill and petition.

I am back firstly in case it helps anyone and secondly because I would feel like a fraudster if I didn’t record this part of my journey.

Back in September 2019 I got the news I was cancer free with no conventional intervention. Now I am here starting  2 weeks of intensive mistletoe treatment, why you may ask? The answer is simply because of these bad boys

Boob4 (2)

no nipple on show and lots more on the boob where they came from. I need to point out that during my 3-year journey I did not have these, these only popped up this year.

The reason I turned down conventional treatment was because I believe a cancer diagnosis requires a lifestyle change.  You have to change the terrain of your body. My belief and I am not here to convince anyone otherwise. Your body, your choice.

Do I have cancer again? I haven’t a clue all I know is that my body has changed and I have tumours ready to explode through my breast and I am taking no chances. I never owned my 1st diagnosis and have no intention of looking for another one.

I believe we are all miracles and can heal ourselves. The more I study complimentary medicines of all kinds the stronger this belief grows. You know what they say, you are what you believe.

Back in 2019 my final results were no cancer detected in the whole body but I was left with a mass of something inside my breast that no one could explain. Off to India I went to celebrate my success and to finish my breathwork course and what an experience. India, I will be back.

I returned home in January this year feeling awful. I seriously had 3 weeks of sweating, no energy. I just sweated it out and then got on with life.

Around February time I told my partner John something weird was happening to my body, lumps were starting to protrude through my breast and something didn’t feel right inside. I would wake up during the night feeling weird. I also woke up every morning with a very dry nose that had bled during the night.  Long story short after investigating a new led 5G light was fitted on the street lamp directly across from our bedroom when we were away. No one can convince me 5G is safe especially now that I am away from home and after only 3 days my nose mended. Coincidence-No.

I started to question everything, had my break of clean living when I was away set me back?

Had the turn on of 5G started something sinister. Look at this, now no longer on the website. I have a laptop full of research.

.5G 1

5g 2

Another interesting read. Biolife

Was my body expelling my benign tumours as described in German New Medicine. https://youtu.be/55bjnEcNrFE

Had all my breathwork and releasing of trauma started a self-healing process, a breakdown of that mass. Breathwork and Shiatsu combined works wonders for the body, mind and soul.

Had my concern about what is going on in the world broken down my immune system. I am a big researcher and I don’t believe the mainstream media about COVID19, 5G etc, call me a conspirator if you will but remember that word came from the CIA after JFK was murdered. I have done my research and the world for me now is disappointing and unsavory for future generations and something needs to be done and fast. People are awakening and for that I am grateful.

Had all my worry and concerns for my family and humanity and the backlash one gets for airing one’s views made me ill, who knows. I tried hard to stop myself researching but just couldn’t, now I am working hard at trying to do something about it without making myself ill. I need to protect myself and make my world a happy place again and it is happening slowly. I love my work and it was taken away from me because of the virus as it has done to so many others in the world. I threw myself into all sorts of other things but I need to open my business again, the pleasure of shiatsu and breathwork is divine.

Did I do something negative inside my body or is this my body healing? Time will tell but I can say that I am 100% positive I have my health under control as for the World, who knows?

I was unable to do anything about my health during lockdown but as soon as I could I arranged a bio resonance and my trip here. My bio resonance showed I had 2 virus’s giardia and helicobacter pylori. Giardia I am guessing is what I picked up on my travels. I am also guessing because my immune system was low, I reignited my helicobacter pylori which I had when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. I used my rife machine (previous blog) for both and within 5 days felt so much better.

Now I am here and I can honestly tell you I am so happy I made this journey. Day 1, Monday and first infusion over.Day 1 After the infusion John and I went for a walk had a lovely lunch and picked up some supplies. Around 6pm a tiredness came over me and I decided to lie down on the bed and do a nice meditation and before I knew it, I was in floods of tears. I remember the nurse warned me you may get emotional later. I thought with all my breathwork and shiatsu all my clearing of emotions was sorted. From 6pm until 9pm I went through unbelievable anger and sadness with tears, snot and phlegm, 9pm and pure joy came to me.

What a strange night, sweats, vivid dreams, from anger to sadness to joy. When I woke up the covers were all over the place. I had been dancing and singing to “do you love me”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUmTrLIaOhw&feature=youtu.be

On fully awakening I had to google the song and dance as everything was a blur.

A double dose of mistletoe at 2pm Tuesday IMG-20200729-WA0006. Afterwards a beautiful railway walk, an even nicer lunch. There are still restrictions here so we walk, exercise eat and sleep. I did some self-shiatsu and was in bed meditating by 10pm. I am a night owl, trying hard to change. I remember nothing else until I woke at 7am. Normally I would get up to my routine but today I lay in bed doing an extra-long morning meditation around gratitude. I love meditating and it has taken me years to do it with such ease. My routine is 10 minutes morning gratitude meditation and a 20-minute healing meditation before sleep. You should really try this.

Wednesday morning, day 3, infusion and my 1st fever induction day.IMG-20200729-WA0000 I feel so lucky to be here and very excited about what is to come. I know we will have to stock the fridge again as the hunger is uncontrollable. My appetite is always good but the mistletoe has increased it. My children have contacted me and I have plenty of joyous photos and videos of my adorable grandchildren. What more could a girl want, a few books perhaps as today is fever induction day and I have no idea what to expect and what I will be able to do.

Friday midday and I am feeling normal again with just a few aches and pains after a temperature of 38.7 which kicked off around 10pm on Wednesday and stopped around midnight Thursday. Today is recovery day so I decided to get my ass into gear and post this now. Next week brings an increase in fever induction days and an increased volume of mistletoe. The plan is to rest and recover today and sight see on Saturday and Sunday. So, my experience to date was a fever with severe pain in my lumps and bumps and lots of sleep. Poor John has escaped today sight seeing on his motorbike for fear he hears, “John, I need water, food, grapes etc” Now I know why you have to come here with somebody…….

Thank you, John, you are an amazing person, loving the sweet potato soup, maybe time to try a vegetable curry, just suggesting. Now for some fresh air.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.





Klaudia’s journey to recovery from Locked-in syndrome (LIS)

You might think I’m crazy and laugh at me🙈🤷🏻‍♀️, but I’ve always believed in angels. I met many of them on my journey to recovery, but Tricia plays one of the biggest parts😇! I know that she’s one of my angels, sent onto my path for a reason…

September/October 2018

My grandmother in Poland 👵🇵🇱 was on the phone to my mum sometime in September 2018. She was talking about a programme she recently saw on television about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and how it can benefit stroke victims. My mum quickly researched it after ending the phone call and found one in Dublin City Centre. We spoke about it and decided to book me in for a session. Next week I was already going there. My dad would collect me every morning from rehab at 12 o’clock and we drive me for the 1 o’clock session usually. The session lasted…

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“Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water. Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes.
Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it, another day. And you can make it one more.
You’re doing just fine.”

Charlotte Eriksson, You’re Doing Just Fine

My niece kindly reminded me of this quotation, I used it in my cancer journey blog and how appropriate it is now.

I just can’t enjoy lockdown until I plant this seed.

This plea is aimed at so many Leo Varadkar and Michael Martin because they are leading the country. Mick Wallace and Luke Ming Flanagan because they are MEP’s and in a good position to make this plea in Europe and Senator David Norris because he is a proper gentleman and gets things done.

My plea is this, stop all 5G work in Ireland until independent research is done and it is proven safe. It is not safe and you know it. You as a government have sold us out and if I had any idea about law, I am sure what you are doing is illegal. It cannot be coincidence that Wuhan and Italy have been a 5G playground and correct me if I am wrong Dublin and Cork already have 5G and where have we the biggest number of coronavirus patients. It is time for us all to wake up. If there is one thing that my cancer taught me, it is this. Life is a gift and there is nothing more important than this day. Don’t tell me technology is more important than life, every breath you take is more important. Please don’t wait until that last breath before you realise this, because then Leo it is way too late and you will have to face your demons. 5G is all about the money and a lot more but I am not interested in that at this present moment, I am interested in living. We now have a generation of people who can’t survive without smartphones and let me tell you in my eyes there is nothing smart about them. Every household in Ireland could have wired safe technology and that would be sufficient. Now the wonderful advertising has us believing we can’t live without 5G. 5G is not for the normal man’s benefit and those of us who have researched it, know that, so please I beg you all take this plea serious.

Dr. Thomas Cowan, M.D. discusses the Coronavirus

I could not be a politician, which makes me glad, the responsibility of decision making without profit must be hard. I am a mother plain and simple, a mother with so much love for her children, like all mothers, like no other love on this planet. So, what if all the mothers in Ireland agree with me, better still if all the mothers in Europe agree and even mothers around the World. What if we all say enough, is enough, leave our planet alone.

What kind of a legacy are we leaving our children if 5G is fully implemented, I ask you all to think about that.


So be our hero Leo and think outside the box.

Talking about heroes, when this is all over please don’t forget the real heroes, our nurses, paramedics, health workers, care workers, lorry drivers, shop assistants, police, doctors, if I have left anyone out sorry, it definitely is not intentional. We as a nation owe them.

Time is of the essence. Life is all we have, this planet is all we have, and truthfully we are making one big mess of it. You, as our leader have the power to change this.

So, gentlemen, as a I heard a great friend of mine (Phil) once say , “man up and grow a set of balls” as hopefully we mammies are coming after you.

mother’s love is like nothing else in this world.

Image result for funny images about the strength of mothers love

I will also contact all the stop 5G groups that I am aware of in Ireland as we are many, but perhaps it is time we came together as one?

I threw the kitchen sink at it.

Kitchen Sink

By now you all must know I am not a writer, blogger, vlogger just a person with some very strong beliefs and a big stubborn head, which has definitely improved with age and my cancer diagnosis. In fact, my cancer diagnosis has improved my view on life for the better. I appreciate every day, all day.

However, I am faithful and true to my word and on those occasions where I am not, I suffer.

I promised I would supply a list of what I did to beat my cancer diagnosis. I have covered oxygen, Bio resonance, diet, rifing, meditation and breathing in previous blogs, all the big ones. However, I did a whole lot more.

As time is limited before I head off on my next adventure, below is a list of all the protocols or treatments I tried, at least what I can remember. Please google information until I get time in the new year to supply more detail.


Believe me I never foresaw the day I would blog my cancer journey, so if you are reading this you can thank Kate O’Connell’s bill for that.

I wish to publicly apologise to the lady I have upset regarding mentioning I tried the hydrogen peroxide protocol, I just wish she had contacted me directly. The protocol I followed is on line for anyone to research, it uses highly diluted food grade hydrogen peroxide and is not illegal as she claims. Please understand this was my journey and the only reason I shared it was because of a proposed bill in Ireland to take away the rights of people like myself to choose what I decide to do with my body. I never had the intention of upsetting anyone and I am so sorry I did.

So here goes, in no particular order;

  • I did a 40-day Kundalini challenge, if the cancer did not kill me there were days I thought Kundalini would.
  • I tried psychotherapy, very, very badly but well worth it.
  • I rebounded.
  • I improved my sleep patterns.
  • I did shaking meditation, which I loved.
  • I used essential oils.
  • I checked my house for geopathic stress.
  • I did a 30-day hydrogen peroxide protocol, that was hard core.
  • I did Bio Magnetism.
  • Daily coffee enemas, 5 plus are recommended but I only ever got to 2 daily.
  • Daily juicing, a huge jug with moringa added.
  • 10-day water fast to kick start my body at a cellular level.
  • Daily herbs and herbal teas.
  • Budwig breakfast every day, which I still do and love, it brings oxygen to the blood.

I am sure I did more which may come to me with time but for now I just want to fulfil the promise I made.

My cancer diagnosis rocked my world but never once did I doubt there was a cure within me. It was not the easiest thing in the world to do and boy was it lonely at times. I can also promise you that if I was to die in the morning, I would have no regrets at the choices I made.

No regrets

Please don’t allow our government to take away your freedom of choice if faced with a cancer diagnosis.

For those of you who want to know a little more about the Bill click here.


Until 2020 may I take this opportunity to wish you a peaceful and loving Christmas and a cancer free life. Remember we are all miracles and life is a gift, enjoy.

Miracle of life


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.

Inspirational Breathing

Inspirational Breathing came to me on my second visit to Trewsfield Festival in July this year. I was on my own journey to find my cure for a cancer diagnosis.

On the second morning of the festival I had 10 minutes to spare before a lecture and decided to try a little taster of inspirational breathing, that little taster has been a game changer for me. Later in the day I glimpsed the last 5 minutes of Nicola on stage, her energy pulsating out into the bio-sphere, teaching people how to breathe in a way they had forgotten. I understood immediately why it was called Inspirational breathing and decided there and then that this breath work would be a huge part of my healing and life going forward.

Somewhere in my life I had forgotten I was important and more importantly how-to breath correctly.

So off to Rottingdean I went in September to attend a 5-day training course, just for me I thought, just to help me get back to my breath.

The inspirational breathing course exceeded my expectations in a way I never thought possible. I came away from it doubting how I had ever lived my life without it. It was without a doubt the biggest life changing experience ever. From the moment you step into the funky bungalow you feel safe and loved and by the end of the 5 days you are definitely a more grounded, thoughtful, healthier person. I know from my shiatsu practice how we hold all emotions, traumas in the very core of our bodies. What I did not know was we have all our answers in the breath.

Those 5 days for me were precious and I will hold them in my memory. I felt nourished and loved and spent time with wonderful, wonderful people whom I hope will remain friends for life.

I will never forget the nourishing soups, the salads which touched every cell in my body, the baked banana, chocolate and cashew cream, the chicory and chocolates, the aubergine stew. I ran up the road every day trying to guess what food Nicola would produce that day, what a gourmet experience every meal.

Nicola has a gift, she knows exactly how to produce a 5 star quality course, exceptional teaching, food as good as any Michelin chef, amazing music and exactly to the second when you need support.

Nicola Price is priceless and I am so happy to have met her, she makes you whole again. So whole I have decided I have no option but to complete the graduate course. This breathwork is for sharing.

So, I left after 5 days nourished and a much nicer person thinking life can’t get any better.

On Tuesday 24th September I was told I was cancer free, Goa, here I come.

Cancer Free


On the 24th September I was told there was no sign of cancer anywhere, wow.

I did it, no chemotherapy, no radiation, no surgery, no drugs. Better still I didn’t die as I was told I would by the medical team in the hospital.

There are no words to describe how I felt when the Doctor gave me the wonderful news. I choked, yes, I coughed and coughed until I was given some water. I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was numb and in shock for days. I am so, so grateful to have more time on this planet and so, so grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.

From day one I believed in what I was doing I just didn’t always know what I was doing, 3 years of research paid off, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

jump with joy

So,what now? Now I need to build up my immune system so cancer never comes back but before I do, I plan to continue this blog as soon as I can. Even if it helps one person, I will be happy.

I keep getting asked to go out and celebrate and I have been celebrating none stop but my way.

If you want to celebrate with me I ask you to read the planned Bill that upsets me every time I read it, click here.

Sign and share, I am jumping with joy but I will never ever forget the fear in the faces of others.



This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.



The cancer diagnosis won’t kill me but Simon Harris and Kate O’ Connell’s proposed bill might. There I was happy living with a cancer diagnosis, minding my own business, looking for my cure to self-heal when Pat Kenny gives Kate O’Connell radio time to discuss her nasty bill.

I know some of you believe it is a bill to regulate alternative therapies, all I can say is look deeper.

It will take away your right as an Irish citizen to get alternative therapies in your own country for a cancer diagnosis, the only choice you will have is whatever the oncologist decides to prescribe.

If you want all choices available to you when faced with a cancer diagnosis please sign and share the petition. Team work makes the dream work.

Two weeks back I was on the verge of giving up. People had signed in front of me yet their signatures went out into space somewhere. I wrote to FB and Simon Harris, still no reply.

So please never give up, sign and share. Tell your friends, ask them to sign and share.

So,what inspired me to never give up, TREW FIELDS FESTIVAL

We need this in Ireland.

2 days and 3 nights of wonderful talks, workshops, great vegan food, organic drink, music, talent and dancing with people who had stage 1 to stage 4 various cancers. People who inspired me to keep on my chosen path and to never give up until that last breath.

Camping2 nights in a tent with John and 2 sleeping bags only, my tumour earthed for the first time and I slept like a baby. The lashing rain failed to unearth us from our magical sleep.

There were cancer awareness talks on both days from 10am to 6pm alongside four different venues with a variety of holistic health workshops and classes. Full, full days.

What struck me was the positivity, what you think really does matter.

“How your mind can heal your body” by David Hamilton PhD.

David has a PhD in organic chemistry and spent 4 years in the pharmaceutical industry, developing drugs for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Inspired by the placebo effect, he left the industry to write books and educate people in how they can harness their mind and emotions to improve their health.

The Doctor Patients Panel with Dr. Lauren MacDonald, Dr.Lyanh Dang, and Dr. Robin Fawcett, Family doctor, mama, writer, speaker, nature-lover.
Navigating life and medicine after BRCA2+ cancer. Inspirational Doctor’s, all with great insights and advice to give.

Leah Bracknell From cancer victim to cancer rebel.

Fi Munro PhD Live like you are Dying.

Professor Robert Thomas Polyphenols-The Gifts from Nature. My hero for banning sugar from his oncology department.

Steve Ottersberg how to change your genes- Epigenetics, a little heavy for me, shame I forgot the pen and paper.

The awesome Dr. Nasha Winters, Treating the Terrain, not just the Tumour.

The Metabolic Approach to Cancer  I could listen to this lady for hours.

Then last but definitely not least “The I’ve got cancer, what now panel” with Dr. Aryan Tavakkoli, Dr. Catherine Zollman,Dr. Nasha Winters &  Mairead Mc Dermott.

So many workshops, talks and demonstrations and all for optimum, positive health. So many wonderful people all in it together for the health of mankind.

I found the rebounding and lymphatic drainage demo useful, now at least I know how to rebound correctly.

Nothing prepared me for the effect of the inspirational breathing, it took my breath away and I am definitely doing the training.

This festival is a life changing experience for anyone diagnosed with cancer. It brings hope and inspiration to try different treatments and leaves the door open to experiment with all therapies available. Just because if hasn’t been clinical tested doesn’t mean it won’t work. It will never be clinical tested unless it makes a profit for shareholders. The pharmaceutical industry has a lot of shareholders to keep happy and one needs to ask the question is it money driven or health driven?

In my eyes this Bill will achieve nothing only to hinder anyone who refuses chemotherapy, radiation and the chemicals offered to an already sick body.

So, to all my friends out there dealing with a cancer diagnosis stay positive OPtimisimand if you ever feel yourself getting down click on any of the links above to lift your spirits. Join as many cancer forums as you can and empower yourself.

For those of you who want to know a little more about the Bill click here.



This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.

HELP is needed.


Simon Harris

Dearest Simon,

I know how busy you must be dealing with mandatory vaccinations, the damage caused by the HPV Vaccine, I think Regret has over 24k supporters, ouch a lot of people to keep happy. Not to mention the Mesh Disasters , added to a hospital shambles. I guess it won’t be long until you have a recruitment issue, more hospital staff required due to the increase of sick people when you roll out 5G.

Taken all the above into consideration  I am still disappointed that I have not heard from you.

So, my life with a cancer diagnosis continues with or without you.

I am happy, healthy, working, enjoying life and appreciating every day. If you did read my emails you should know I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in my left breast, node positive, estrogen driven, in August 2016. After lots and lots of research I refused chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and drugs.

It took time to find anyone from an alternative background to work with me, to fight this deadly diagnosis and now you and some of the elected government have hopes to prosecute those same people who can give health advice from a different perspective.

For those of you who don’t know Kate O’ Connell and Simon Harris have taken it upon themselves to produce a bill that will decide what we can and cannot to with our body when faced with a cancer diagnosis. https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/bills/bill/2018/139/?tab=bill-text

So, in my eyes you intend to slowly kill me and anyone who chooses the alternative route. If I cannot access alternative therapies in this country for my cancer diagnosis is that refusing me the treatment I deserve?

Shame on you both.

My petition against the Bill slowed down around the time I read the following (your words taken from https://www.oireachtas.ie/en/debates/debate/dail/2019-05-16/35/)

I welcome the fact that some social media giants have responded to the call for action made by me, Deputy O’Connell and others. They have a responsibility to ensure they do not become a platform for misinformation and I welcome the fact that some of them have made progress in that regard.

Coincidence I thought, no one would stoop as low as trying to halt my petition. I believe Ireland is a parliamentary, representative democratic republic and a member state of the European Union.

Simon, did you and Ms O’Connell have anything to do with the stopping of my petition on Facebook?

I am happy to meet you to discuss further, just not this weekend please as I am off to the UK to attend a Holistic Cancer Festival where medicine and alternative are very welcome.

Looking forward to a reply.



Now for the all-important petition. Please sign and share if you want access to all advice be it conventional or alternative if faced with a diagnosis of cancer.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.



When faced with a cancer diagnosis can the MIND make or break you?

I took a day off last week as I was tired and low. Yes, everyone I hate to admit it but I can get tired and low.

The last month has been so busy and my body and mind needed a break.

I am no good with time off, I had a list reeling around in my head. I find it hard to sit and do nothing. Okay I didn’t get up until 9am so I got my 8 hours, but once up it was go, go, go. As I am doing, I am thinking, I have to promote the petition, I have to write a blog, I have to wash the floors. I have to do a tax return. I made a list and it filled an A4 piece of paper. Lady Sobbing

I was overwhelmed with all the I had to do and tears flowed. Then I heard my son Finnbar’s voice in my head, suck them in Mum, so I suck them in. Then I get a message from my daughter Pippa, you okay Mum? As if she can feel my mental pain and sadness and Lady sobbing 2 you know what it is like once the tap opens, that is it I am afraid. The bladder is just too close to the eyes.

The light bulb moment…. I know my next Blog has to be the power of the mind and the importance of good quality sleep when you need your body to heal.

“When the immune system isn’t able to function at the perfect level, then there’s a risk that some of these rogue cancer cells will get through the net and start to cause trouble. … It’s very important that cancer patients learn to control and perfect the art of sleeping.”

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby


I had a few wonderful days in London at the beginning of the month with my daughter and growing family and I can honestly say it was perfection, bar the lack of sleep. Oren, my grandson is a bundle of life from 5.30am, followed by Aurelia shortly afterwards and Grandma is a bundle of life after 5.30pm so it can be exhausting.

Spending time with them adds so much value to my life but I came back with a lingering cough and tired, my fault.

Then guess what alongside running my Shiatsu practice. I decide to help my partner John with house renovations. I went mad, cleaned out the greenhouse, planted so many seeds, washed windows, cut grass and hedges, painted doors and walls, you name it I did it, again my fault.

Then I did something rather silly, I decided to sand doors and boy did it irritate my cough, so for 4 nights I struggled to sleep, cough, cough, cough. So, I was feeling great and perfect until I choked on fine sand and got no sleep……………………. what a fool.

Life without sleep is like life without good red wine, desperate.

Seriously though sleep is so important when dealing with cancer.

We heal when we sleep so lack of sleep means lack of healing.

Then to add insult to injury have you ever noticed when the mind gets like this everything else is a problem, why won’t people take 5G seriously, why aren’t our politicians talking about its safety rather than its cost.

Why is it taken so long to get signatures for my petition, does no one care, why does everyone believe there is a cure in a pharmaceutical tablet. Why are we now living in a world where everyone is so busy no one gives a s*it, you get the picture?Upset

I guess you could say I was feeling very sorry for myself. Why?

I forgot I was important.

So, I did a wonderful Kundalini meditation and watched Dr. Habib Sadeghi discuss how emotions and thoughts affect our health.

Meditation came in my life, albeit badly when I started studying Shiatsu, 11 plus years ago.

I did it because I was told to, I found it difficult. I started meditating in earnest in 2016 when I got my diagnosis and I am now a big fan. It got me out of my despair last week.

Whenever you feel down get those earphones out and meditate, go on YouTube and search by your emotions and needs. If you can’t sleep, focus, feel sad whatever there is a meditation for you. If you feel stuck do a little shaking meditation.

It works 100%, however to get good at it like everything else it takes practice.

On that note I am going to take off my shoes and earth myself in this wonderful world while I still can and go and enjoy the sunshine. Then I am off out to search for a venue for an holistic cancer festival.

If you don’t believe negativity makes cancer grow read scientists have proven that negativity makes cancer grow inside the body.

Now for the all-important petition. Please sign and share if you want access to all advice be it conventional or alternative if faced with a diagnosis of cancer.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.



I am so late, sorry.

White Rabbit

Sincere apologies to you all for not blogging for a few weeks, it has been none stop and finding the time was impossible as my new life style insists on 7 hours sleep. There are never enough hours in the day to achieve what I would like to.

As I have another busy week ahead of me this blog will contain information that people were keen to find out about after my talk in Cork.

So, I was asked about The Bill that I am petitioning against. I feel strongly that if this Bill is passed there will be no alternative route available to people with a diagnosis of cancer in Ireland.

This Bill will take away our freedom of choice.

From the very beginning I have said I do not have a cure for cancer, I believe no one does. My cure is changing the terrain of my body so the cancer dies off, then build up my immune system and enjoy life to the full.

The relevant part of the Bill that upsets me is: “Prohibition of certain advertisements 2. (1) No person shall take any part in the publication of any advertisement containing an offer to treat any person or provide any remedy for cancer, or any advice in connection with the treatment of cancer, or which suggests that a medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment or surgical operation is unnecessary for the treatment of cancer. (2) A person who contravenes subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence. (3) A person who is guilty of an offence under this section shall be liable— (a) on summary conviction to a class A fine, or (b) on conviction on indictment, to a fine not exceeding €1,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or to both. “

(taken directly from the Bill on Oireachtas.ie)

No treatments and no advice.

My experience is having to beg alternative therapists to have anything to do with me when I mention my diagnosis of cancer.

This Bill intends to slam that door shut in my face and anyone else who favours the alternative route.

I would love to know where these people are who claim to have a cure for cancer because I for one would love to hear what they have to say and decide if I want to spend money with them or not.

If you feel as strongly as me please sign and share the petition and keep sharing.

I wrote to every TD in the country and got 3 replies, lolso if you would like freedom of choice when faced with a cancer diagnosis please write directly to your TD.

Now for something more on the fun side, the Festival we spoke about TREW FIELDS FESTIVAL. Wouldn’t it be just awesome to have this in Ireland.

Inspiring is how I would describe it. You can also find them on Facebook.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned purposed Bill would definitely put a stop to this festival ever happening in Ireland.

I plan to attend again this year, if you are going please let me know and we can meet up.

You asked for more information on this poultice

Please do not use this poultice without professional advice.

The DMSO stung like hell for me but we are all different and that is the key when choosing any treatment. I think DMSO may be banned?

Remember this blog is my journey only and should not be used for your treatment. Take professional advice always.

I have in fact stopped using this particular poultice for a while as I don’t want my tumor to break up quickly at present. In my opinion the terrain of my body is not quite ready yet. It can do without a tsunami.

This decision came about because I had my annual Bioresonance after speaking to you in Cork.

It turns out my drainage system is backing up a little so the focus for me for the next month is draining my liver, kidney, lymph’s, intestines etc. I have stopped all killing on my rife machine at present and the focus is on healing.

I started taken Solidago about a week ago until my herbs arrive and what a difference already. I had been badly constipated for a couple of days and since taken Solidago my bowel and urination are almost back to normal function.

The power of herbs and mother-earth.

Perhaps this is the time to mention some websites so you can do your own research.

Also, FB is a great source of information.

  • Cancer healing, the holistic approach.
  • Curing Cancer Naturally-True stories from real people.
  • Cancer Truth
  • The Truth about Cancer
  • How to starve Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Alternatives.

Remember, I am not advising you to go down my route. I am sharing my journey and research with you. I found it very hard to find alternatives in Ireland and it will be impossible if and when The Bill mentioned throughout my blog gets passed as law.

I have to finish by mentioning 5G, it would be wrong of me not to.

It is happening right now, here in Ireland. If you value your health and the health of future generations do your research. So much happening on Facebook.


MAYCommunity health & environment telecom awareness meeting. Public. Hosted by Stop 5G Waterford. I will definitely be there.

Join stop 5G Ireland.

I have just signed the World wide appeal.

Drinkiing Coffee

Now for the all-important petition. Please sign and share.

Until the next time, which won’t be as long, stay safe and healthy.


This blog contains my opinions, my journey and some of my research details. It is not in any way a substitute for the readers own medical advisor. I am not a medical Doctor.  I disclaim all responsibility for injury, damage or loss to anyone that reads this and follows any or similar protocols mentioned.